The Beginning of AbsoluteCREW

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Sitting still is definitely not an option for our founder Cédric. His drive soon led him to look for an extra job as a flexi-jobber to broaden his knowledge and network. From then on, the first seeds were planted. Enthusiastic, Cédric started working on a daily basis, through various temporary employment agencies, in the events sector. Hospitality immediately became his thing and this tasted like more.

The COVID pandemic hit the whole world and reset its workflow, which had already become a real addiction. The first wave of Covid passed and the hospitality industry cried out for help. And it came! YAWS - You Ask, We Serve. was formed to address staff shortages in the events sector.

Evolving Into AbsoluteCREW Evolving Into AbsoluteCREW Evolving Into AbsoluteCREW Evolving Into AbsoluteCREW Evolving Into AbsoluteCREW The story behind absoluteCREW Evolving into absoluteCREW Evolving Into AbsoluteCREW Evolving Into AbsoluteCREW Evolving Into AbsoluteCREW

The launch of AbsoluteCREW

What started small was certainly not to remain small. Full of enthusiasm, Cédric decided to focus entirely on YAWS to make something great out of it. After a search for opportunities, he met Glenn Hoorelbeke and Jens Sys, proud founders of AbsoluteYOU, part of the AM Group.

This collaboration with the "HR-Family Builder" resulted in the transformation of YAWS into AbsoluteCREW, which was launched on February 15, 2022.

This catering and events employment agency grew into a family of 400 trained flexi-jobbers and student workers in East and West Flanders and is preparing to expand to the whole of Flanders.

Meet the power behind AbsoluteCREW

Together with our amazing CREW-leaders, we form the power behind our event staffing agency.
Cédric Ongena
Stefanie Vanderplaetsen
Yana Neudakh

You ask, we serve

Our motto is simple: 'You ask, we serve.' We pride ourselves on being flexible and versatile, aiming to quickly adapt and deliver services tailored to your customer needs.

Whether you're looking for hospitality staff, bartenders, kitchen helpers, parking attendants, or even mascots for your event, you're in good hands with AbsoluteCREW. No request is too big or too small for us.